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The Edinburg Postpartum Depression Scale (EPDS) is a tool

that can be used to assess someone's risk for perinatal depression.  

What is the EPDS

The EPDS is a validated screening tool, meaning there has been research to show that it is an effective tool in assessing whether someone is experiencing symptoms that are commonly associated with to depression and anxiety.  

When should I do the EPDS?

The EPDS can be done at any point in pregnancy or in the postpartum period. 

It can be completed with you and your healthcare provider, or can be done as a self-assessment. 

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What does my EPDS score mean? 

< 8 -   it is less likely that your symptoms are related to depression; continue to seek support from your community. 

9-11 -  Consider accessing additional support from your community and speaking to your health care provider, particularly if your symptoms intensify or do not go away

> 11 - Contact your health care provider to discuss support options

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