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Therapy Session

Individual Support

If you have specific questions about mental health in pregnancy or postpartum, want some help in planning strategies to support your mental health once baby arrives, or are wondering what mental health resources or supports may be best for you, a one-on-one mental health info session may be right for you. 

One-on-One Mental Health Info Sessions

Mother and Child

What to Expect

These sessions are individualized based on your needs.  They may include information about screening for perinatal mental health concerns, community resources, discussing specific circumstances or experiences, tools for planning support in pregnancy and postpartum.  Typically these session are 30-minutes in length and are conducted by phone or zoom, depending on your preference.  You can let me know specific things you would like to discuss prior to the meeting, or bring questions with you when you come. 

** Please note these one-on-one sessions are NOT therapy or counselling, but are meant to answer questions and provide you with additional information about mental health concerns and services***

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