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Books and Podcasts

Whether you are reading, listening to an audiobook, or putting on a podcast, sometimes getting more information about a topic can help us feel better. Here are some books and podcasts that our group members have found helpful at various points along their pregnancy and postpartum journey. 


It's OK to Go Up the SlideHeather Shumaker

A book about children taking risks and the “Renegade Rules” for Raising Confident and Creative Kids. 


No Bad KidsJanet Lansbury

This book discusses toddler discipline and includes “tools for parents who are anticipating or experiencing those critical years when toddlers are developmentally obliged to test the limits of our patience and love.”


Baby-Led Weaning and Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook Gill Rapley

These books are good resources for introducing solids to your baby. Also available through the Hamilton  Library. 

Expecting Better, Crib Sheet, Family FirmEmily Oster

These books examine the research surrounding common concerns/questions in pregnancy, newborn, and childhood.  She also has an email newsletter and an instagram that has some very accessible information about decision-making and families during the pandemic. 


The Fourth TrimesterKimberly Anne Johnson

"A postpartum guide to healing your body, balancing your emotions, and restoring your vitality"

This book came up in the context of discussing processing birth trauma and from a quick look through her website it looks like there are lots of various resources related to this. 


Wonder of Parenting - A Brain Science Approach to Parenting

Unruffled - Janet Lansbury, expert in toddler behaviour and respectful parenting

Honest As A MotherConversations about parenting and mental health with local Hamilton parent, Amanda Gurman 

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